About Us

Hello friends, we’re Cori Bair and Melissa Combs. We are both middle school teachers, green tea addicts, and completely obsessed with books! Two Friends and a Book is a blog created in response to our love of reading and writing. Words have been the common thread of our friendship. Through the years, we’ve shared many books and ideas (over countless Starbucks venti, iced, unsweetened, extra shaken green teas). The threaded words between us have brought us closer, allowing us to overcome many unexpected life challenges, but ultimately, it helped us find the courage and inspiration needed to finally write our own novel. Together we have patch-worked “words” from each other’s lives and composed our first young adult novel, The Only Exception. Our goal is to share the gift of words and our writing journey with you. Maybe you’ll learn a few new vocabulary words or maybe you’ll just be entertained! So, read our blog, drink some green tea, and let the words of a good book weave their magic in your life!


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Joylyn Bopp says:

    Rock on! I hope you are an outrageous success. Putting Cville on the map 🙂

  2. This blog is awesome 🙂 the Gates of Hell thing is a really good idea. I’ve been through there THOUSANDSA of times and never would’ve thought to create a story out of it. I can’t wait until The Only Exception is out in bookstores and on the New York Times #1 Bestseller! (and of course reading it) 🙂

  3. Rachel says:

    Im excited

  4. Shanna says:

    Just saying, my mom introduced my to green tea this weekend, and I’m hooked 😀 I’m taking some back up to school with me and will definitely be drinking it often. Especially when I read your book. I miss you both dearly.

  5. Laurie Dunnette says:

    You both inspire me. I wish you much success!!

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