The Only Exception Setting- Can We Go There?

The Facts…

Collinsville, Illinois is a small suburban farm town with only four claims to fame: One—it is the horseradish capital of the world; two—it’s the home of the world’s largest catsup bottle; three—the lead singer from REM, Michael Stipe, graduated from the local high school; and four—it was the home town of the infamous Italian gangster, Buster Wortman. Other than those semi-significant claims, it’s a pretty unremarkable town. There’s a church and a bar on just about every corner and plenty of greasy diners for the after church crowds and the drunks.

The Myth…

There are also miles and miles of farmland and “back” roads. These secluded country roads are threaded throughout the remains of the old coal mines from the early 1900’s. The back roads, old coal mining shafts, and train trestles are popular partying points for the bored and uninspired youth of Collinsville. The notoriety of these places has mostly resulted from an age-old local legend—“The Gates of Hell.” It’s popular belief that early miners stopped excavating this town because they unearthed something a lot darker than coal. Legend has it that these miners dug a tunnel right through an authentic gate of hell. The evil that was released is believed to have caused much violence and death. Some still claim that the town continues to be haunted by the same evil that was released over a hundred years earlier. Others, however, believe this very gate is periodically reopened, unleashing even more demonic spirits into the already tormented town.

You decide…

The truth is that Collinsville is a real town with an infamous legend. So, could you visit here? You could…but would you want to?   *Mwahahahahahah*

This is just a little teaser. Obviously, we can’t divulge too much information about our book. Because…well, then you wouldn’t need to read it! We just wanted to give you a taste of the setting and hint at the story’s conflict. Stay tuned for more teasers and our adventures in query land.

And for your viewing and listening pleasure…

The Infamous Gates of Hell in Collinsville


14 thoughts on “The Only Exception Setting- Can We Go There?

  1. Already intrigued!!! Good luck ladies!

  2. Mom 2 says:

    Congratulations! I’m so very proud of both of you and can’t wait to read your book! Love you!

  3. Judy Lotz says:

    This is great ladies, you have always been and inspiration to your students and will be an inspiration to your fans. We are so very proud of you, keep up the fabulous work and don’t ever get discouraged because God is your geates fan and you both are the best of the best.

  4. Courtney Norberg says:

    Cannot wait to read:) sounds so interesting!!!! you definitey inspire people to follow their dreams No matter where they come from!

  5. Kathy Rosen says:

    Love it. I’m from the area.can’t wait to read this book.

  6. So glad you have a blog! I can’t wait to read posts from fans as your popularity grows. I drove past the Brooks catsup (ketchup to me) bottle yesterday and it reminded me of you two. So glad to be your friend!

  7. I love the picture of the two of you at the top of the page.

  8. Cindy says:

    Blessings to you! Can’t wait to read the book!! I’ve bookmarked this blog to come back and read more.

  9. Diane Combs says:

    So very proud of you, Melissa and Cori!!! I want a signed copy when the book comes out!!!

  10. Judith Dellamano says:

    Very excited about the book; so happy for both of you!

  11. Ray Feldpausch says:

    Good job I would like a signed copy of the book can’t wait to read it

  12. ryncombs says:

    Congratulations to the both of you. You should be very proud. I’ll probably just wait for the movie but, I’ll still take a signed copy of the book. I do enjoy eBaying. That was a joke, of course.

  13. Bobby says:

    Can’t wait to hear more, or just read the book!

  14. monette says:

    can’t wait you two

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